Things to do in Agüimes

One of the most special places in Gran Canaria is Agüimes. It was one of the first areas to be populated after the Castilian conquest of the island in 1491. Some of the places to see in Agüimes are not to be missed. 


Old town

sitios que ver en Agüimes
Ayuntamiento de Agüimes®

In the old quarter of Agüimes we can find some very beautiful places such as, for example: 

  • Church of San Sebastián: it is the most important religious temple in the town. Its neoclassical façade stands out, and it took more than a century to be built.
  • Statues: one of the things that characterise Agüimes are its statues, such as El Camello, the best known of them all. We can also find others such as the statue of the Lovers, the Donkey or the Aboriginal Couple. One of the places to see in Agüimes.
  • Plaza de San Antón: here we can find the Centro de Interpretación del Casco Histórico, a museum that shows the development of the town and where you can also see the remains of an old hermitage that was in this same place. 

El Cabrón Beach

snorkel en Gran Canaria
Gobierno de Canarias©

It is considered one of the best beaches for snorkelling in Gran Canaria. It is a golden sandy beach that is 290 metres long and 27 metres wide. 

The fact that it is a good beach for snorkelling is due to its crystalline waters and the marine fauna that hides underneath it. Species such as colourful fish, molluscs and octopuses are some of those that can be found here. Without a doubt one of the places to see in Agüimes. 

Faro de Arinaga

What to see in Agüimes
Gran Canaria®

This lighthouse, in operation since 1892, is only 6 metres high. Designed by Juan León, this lighthouse has a restaurant with incredible views of the sea and the Roque de Arinaga. A few minutes from here you can visit the Museo de la Cal de Risco Verde.

Dare to live the experience of getting to know this place with so much history in this tour that we recommend you Gran Canaria Histórica, where you will get to know Agüimes and other incredible places of the island.  

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