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Spain is one of the best places in the world when it comes to gastronomy, and in Malaga they serve us some dream tapas. Today we tell you which are the best places for tapas in Malaga so you can enjoy and make the most of your visit to this beautiful place. 

Nowadays, the offer of bars and restaurants that we can find in the city is quite big. Places that offer great quality/price and where we can spend a very pleasant time with our friends and family. 


Casa Lola

tapas en Málaga
Casa Lola®

One of the typical tapas places in Malaga is Casa Lola. It has a wide and varied menu. In terms of tapas, the ensaladilla rusa or the porra antequerana with the mini hamburger of Iberian prey, are some of the best you can find in this fantastic place.

El Cortijo de Pepe

tapas en Málaga tapas in Malaga
El Cortijo de Pepe®

Located in the Plaza de la Merced, this is a classic tapas restaurant in Malaga. They have a good menu for tasting, and they recommend their embers, the grilled pulpit or the Ardales chorizo. It also has the TripAdvisor 2014 certificate of excellence. 

KGB (Kuartel Gastronómico Bar)

tapas en Málaga tapas in Malaga

This is one of the most modern places we can find in Malaga. Its secret is Irene Garrido’s variety of fusion tapas. Not only Spanish tapas, you can also experience the international flavour and taste the most iconic tapas of famous chefs. 

Bar Málaga

Bar Málaga®

This is one of the taverns with the longest history in Malaga, with more than a century and a half. One of the must-try tapas in this place is its toasted bread with a good tuna taco covered in Iberian lard.

María Tormentos

This cosy place can be found in Avenida De Gregorio Prieto, in Teatinos. The fame of this place is due to the variety of tapas that we can find for prices as low as 2 euros or 50 cents. We can taste from roast chicken to prawn skewers or a burger. 

La Taberna de Monroy

La Taberna Monroy®

A few meters from the Cathedral of Malaga, we find this cosy place. Its Andalusian decoration and its lounge with low marble tables give a spectacular touch to this place where we can also taste some delicious wines. 

If you want to enjoy a spectacular day in Malaga with the best tapas in town, we recommend this Malaga Tapas tour.

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