Spain’s biggest football stadiums to live our passion

Madrid We already know that in our country we live football with passion. Especially in its sacred temples, where we congregate with our fans to carry our team to victory. That’s why visiting the biggest football stadiums in Spain is always a great plan not to be missed. Índice El Santiago Bernabéu The Santiago Bernabéu […]

Unique vessels in Canary Islands

Gran canaria Gran canaria The Canary Islands’ relationship with the sea is pure symbiosis. A deep bond with the Atlantic that reflects the identity of the archipelago and its inhabitants.  Índice Viking ship in Tenerife How would you feel if we told you that in the Canary Islands you can enjoy the experience of riding […]

Five curiosities about El Teide

Tenerife We all agree that the Teide is the most characteristic symbol of the island of Tenerife and that it possesses an incomparable beauty that leaves everyone fascinated. As well as being the highest peak in Spain, Teide has many other curiosities that we did not know and which we will reveal below: Índice Its cable car is […]

Surfing in Maspalomas, another way to enjoy Gran Canaria


Gran canaria Gran canaria Gran Canaria is an island with a surfing spirit. Our coasts are the ideal environment for the practice of this sport, which is accompanied by an idyllic climate to get into the water. And one of our favourite areas is the south, so surfing in Maspalomas is always a great plan. […]

Visiting the Alhambra, the emblem of the Nasrid kingdom


Granada The Alhambra is such a special place that it is reason enough to visit Granada. It is a palace complex with a rich history in every corner and has established itself as one of the great bastions of Spain’s cultural heritage. The Alhambra is such a special place that it is reason enough to […]

Aqualand Maspalomas and Palmitos Park, the perfect combo

Foto: TripAdvisor

Gran canaria Gran canaria What’s better than spending a day at Aqualand Maspalomas or Palmitos Park? Well, you don’t have to choose and go to both! That’s why at entré we offer you a very special experience so that you can enjoy two of the main tourist attractions of Gran Canaria to the full. Index Aqualand Maspalomas […]

Fuerteventura’s museums to discover the island

Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is an island where good weather and wonderful beaches are accompanied by a splendid cultural offer. In this destination you will find numerous centres where you can get to know in depth the traditions and ways of life of the people of Fuerteventura. On this occasion, it is time to tell you about […]

Viking Tenerife Ragnarok, feel like a real Viking in Tenerife

Viking Tenerife Ragnarok

Tenerife How would you feel if we told you that in the Canary Islands you can enjoy the experience of riding on a Viking ship? No, there’s no catch, because you’ll find it in Tenerife under the name of Viking Tenerife Ragnarok. Foto: Viking Tenerife Ragnarok This unique vessel has become a real eye-catcher due […]

Museums of Lanzarote to get to know the island


Lanzarote Today we take you on a journey through Lanzarote’s must-see museums so that you can make the most of the island. Index Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo Foto: Turismo de Lanzarote The Castillo de San José, a fortress built between 1776 and 1779, houses this museum where we can enjoy contemporary art in a […]

A day in La Laguna

Tenerife La Laguna is the first town founded in Tenerife after it was conquered in 1496 by ships from the mainland. At that time, the aborigines had already settled in La Laguna, but it was with the annexation to the Crown of Castile that it began to be what we know today. Index Catedral de […]